About Us

Exima - Group LLC is a trading and forwarding company originated in Ukraine. We represent manufacturers of production we are specialized at in Ukraine and East Europe. Exima offers ready for dispatch carefully chosen high-quality products. We procure all materials directly from the respective factories.

Our trading specialization is sunflower oil, milk powder, mineral water and flexitanks. Please navigate our website to obtain more detailed information about our products and services.


As well as trading we propose logistics service to our customers. To begin with the logistics department was organized to fulfill needs of the company only, though meanwhile as company's volumes started to grow, the logistics department was separated into independent forwarding service. The main direction at this end is liquid cargo transportation in flexitanks. Though we also accept any type of cargo to marine transportation anywhere in the world.

Exima LLC provides its products to the buyers in different countries of the world. We have sub contractual forwarders in the countries of origin which take care of the cargo until it is laden on board on the way to its buyer. We propose our customers our best service and the best products at reasonable prices.

Exima LCC
Email: info@exima-group.com